Fiberglass Stake
24 hours/7 days

14mm & 16mm Fiberglass stakes with sand coating on surface,rough surface,tomato stakes

-Will never rust
-Lightweight but very strong and durable.
-Won’t rot or split.
-Attractive leafy-like green finish.
-Sand coating on surface to get Rough Surface which enhance plant gripping and prevent plant slip down
-UV and Chemical Resistance.
-Re-usable. Will last for many seasons
-Easy to install with the sharpened end
-Easy to cut to any length
-Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,8,10,11 feet length
-Diameter is 14mm and 16mm
-Materials: resin,E-Glass and sand

-Garden stakes
-Plant Stakes
-Tomato Stakes
-Cucumber Posts
-Eggplant Stakes
-Tree Support
-Pole Bean Stakes
-Secure Brunches
-Nursery Stakes
-Vineyard Stakes
-For natural climbing plant support



Sometimes plants can withstand the elements on their own, while others may need help standing up and thriving. The main purpose for staking plants is to provide support for the plants, whether they’re flowers or vegetables or plant.

The fiberglass stake outlasts other stakes and is the best stake for your plants. Flexible fiberglass stakes allow movement during windy conditions, yet limit the range, to reduce permanent damage during high winds. This natural movement stimulates root establishment and allows for max growth potential.



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